Co-Author of Great Health Care Value Recognized by The American College of Rheumatology

Co-Author of Great Health Care Value Recognized by The American College of Rheumatology

Dr. Timothy Harrington, MD is the recipient of the 2019 Distinguished Clinician Scholar Award by the American College of Rheumatology (ACR). He recently co-authored the book Great Health Care Value: Chronic Diseases, Practice Teams, and Population Management with Andrew Johnson, MS, MBA.

“I’m deeply grateful to be recognized by the ACR,” said Timothy Harrington. “I’ve been passionate about optimizing the care of rheumatic disease patients, and how this can be applied to advance health care delivery in America. Great Health Care Value came about from my desire to share my past experiences and help other physicians and their teams be more productive and satisfied to not only improve their practice but the lives of their patients.”

Co-author Andrew Johnson notes: “This book has meaning for everyone: the public, health professionals, administrators, other health system stakeholders, and politicians.”

Great Health Care Value identifies what is broken in the American health system and describes how to approach fixing it. The book focuses on preventing and treating chronic diseases that account for most illnesses and costs, and on the outpatient medical practices that provide care. The book begins by defining what high-value means, how a few exceptional practices currently provide high-value and then describes how the rest of us can succeed at providing it.


J. Timothy Harrington, MD is a rheumatologist and a retired Professor of Medicine from the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. He has over fifty years of experience in medical research, teaching, patient care, health system administration, and consulting with practices in clinical process improvement.

Andrew Johnson, MS, MBA has a wealth of health industry experience. He has launched several innovative medical diagnostic products, including the viral load test for HIV, and worked with practices to optimize their use. He is the founder and principal of PopMed Solutions.

The Distinguished Clinician Scholar Award is presented annually by the American College of Rheumatology to a member who has made outstanding contributions in clinical medicine, clinical scholarship, or education. The book Great Health Care Value is available at

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