By Timothy Harrington, MD
& Andrew Johnson, MS, MBA

Great Health Care Value

Chronic Diseases, Practice Teams, and Population Management

Great Health Care Value identifies what is broken in the American health system and describes how it can be fixed. It focuses on preventing and treating chronic diseases that account for most illness and costs, and on the outpatient medical practices that provide this care.

Americans can all experience high-value care and reduced costs if—and only if—medical practices transform how they deliver care to their patients.


Timothy Harrington

Tim is a rheumatologist and a retired Professor of Medicine from the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. He has over fifty years of experience in medical research, teaching, patient care, health system administration, and consulting with practices in clinical process improvement.


Drew Johnson

Drew has a wealth of health industry experience. He has launched several innovative medical diagnostic products, including the viral load test for HIV, and worked with practices to optimize their use. He is the founder and principal of PopMed Solutions.

Why should you read this book?

Great Health Care Value has meaning for all Americans. The negative impacts of our current health care system spare no one, and sooner or later we will all be patients.

Our book begins by defining what high-value means, how a few exceptional practices provide it already, and how the rest can as well. Then it describes how we can make it happen.

If you are a physician, Great Health Care Value will help you and your team be more productive and more satisfied. If you are anyone else, it will help you understand how to help make this happen, and how we will all benefit when it does.


“What GHCV describes has transformed our practice and medical group—population medicine delivered by highly integrated care teams, including our patients.”

— David Sikes, MD
Founding Partner and Rheumatologist
Florida Medical Clinic
Zephyr Hills, Florida

“At its core, this book is about best practices and management of resources, which cuts across multiple disciplines. I highly recommend it!”

— Michael Herring, MPA
City Manager, Retired
Chesterfield, MO / Madison, WI

As I edited their book, I discovered that the insights into what makes medical practices effective resonated with me and my own professional experiences.

— Stephanie Bedford, Attorney,
Judicial Administrator, and Editor

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