What People are Saying

Adoption of the exceptional disease population management and team care approaches described in Great Health Care Value could transform the health of Americans and provide more affordable cost of care.

Renwyck Elder, R.Ph, MBA

Former Chief Pharmacy Executive, Aetna and Anthem

I’m writing to tell you how much I enjoyed your book Great Health Care Value. You truly hit the nail on the head with this publication that so accurately and succinctly puts the finger on the root cause of our health care delivery problems. We desperately need to break out of the old paradigm that today burdens our MDs by eliminating wasteful tasks (EHRs that are billing heavy, prior authorizations, mandatory closed book recertification exams, etc.) and return physicians to “doing what only they can do.”

William Arnold, MD

Great Health Care Value is not just a resource for practicing physicians. As I spent time editing this book, I discovered that the authors’ discoveries and insights into what makes medical practices effective resonated with me and my own professional experience in a variety of settings. Their stories and findings about how teams can successfully adapt to change in dynamic environments are relevant to more than just doctors.

Stephanie Bedford

Attorney, Judicial Administrator, and Editor

As a retired, city government professional, with almost forty years of experience, I was intrigued by the premise of Great Health Care Value: That redesigning how health care is delivered and managed could not only help to reduce costs, but could lead to greater job satisfaction and extended careers for physicians, which ultimately leads to better patient care. As the book explains, establishing “physician-staff-manager” care teams ultimately allows each component to successfully deliver quality health care and, ultimately, lets physicians focus their time and energies on the long-term well-being of their patients. At its core, this book is about BEST PRACTICES and management of resources, which actually cuts across multiple disciplines. I highly recommend it!

Michael Herring, MPA

City Manager, Retired, Chesterfield, MO / Madison, WI

What Great Health Care Value describes has transformed our practice and medical group—population medicine delivered by highly integrated care teams, including our patients.

David Sikes, MD

Founding Partner and Rheumatologist, Florida Medical Clinic Zephyr Hills, Florida

Adopting most of the strategies recommended in Great Health Care Value has revolutionized my practice. We are delivering better health care while at the same time increasing our capacity and decreasing new patient wait time.

Edmond LaCour, MD

Rheumatologist, Dothan Medical Associates, Dothan, AL

I found it interesting to work my way through your book Great Health Care Value. I am neither a systems person or an early adopter, so it was tough going. But I am a team player and was happy to collaborate and share responsibilities with APPs, so I can see the wisdom. I could personally resonate with your points about physician bottlenecks and about how large system administrators fail to alter their systems to free up physician time for more and better patient care.

Author: At Peace: Choosing a Good Death After a Long Life

Sam Harrington, MD

Retired Gastroenterologist, Washington, DC

Great Health Care Value summarizes utilitarian solutions to many current frustrations of physicians. It is not surprising that the demands of increasing numbers of patients and exponentially more paperwork, authorizations, quality improvement initiatives lead to significantly more physician burnout at worst, and job dissatisfaction at best. The solution the book outlines is not to work more, or harder, but SMARTER, to maximize efficiencies we have around us, using a team approach to dealing with complexities of patients and the health care. Population management, on a small or large scale, as the book advocates, is the logical solution to improving quality care and patient as well as physician satisfaction.

Ara Dikranian, MD

Cabrillo Center for Rheumatic Disease, San Diego CA